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Dive into Elegance

Where Sea Passion Meets Urban Sophistication

Founded in 2014, Coralist’s journey began as a brand born out of a deep love for the sea and a sophisticated urban lifestyle. Our swimwear isn't just about functionality; it's a canvas of creativity that blends high fashion with affordability, capturing the essence of the medium to high market.


At Coralist, our inspiration goes beyond the waves. We continuously reaffirm our commitment to delivering unique designs, fusing sport luxe with futuristic elements. Celebrating the laid-back luxury of the young, wild, and free generation, our brand personifies 'Simply Exquisite' - a concept that marries fashion-forward activeness with elegant simplicity.

With over 100 meticulously crafted designs annually, Coralist Swimwear defines ready-to-wear fashion for those who seek coastal-inspired elegance. Our use of fine and exquisite fabrics ensures a confident stride forward, as each piece is conceptualized to enhance the consumer's experience and diminish insecurities.

The Coralister individual is a modernized embodiment of activity and confidence, a sophisticated soul with a strong sense of style. Balancing the essence of living is key to her, adapting to fashion trends while expressing her unique self. The future is an exciting journey, and Coralist Swimwear invites you to join us in embracing it with style and confidence.

Coralist x Miami Swimweek

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