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Scuba Diva Part 1

'Scuba Diva' collection S/S16 brings about the

“Simply Exquisite” D.N.A. of the label.

Coralist Swimwear continuously reaffirmed the brand stand to deliver creativity and unique design enhancing the brand personification of sport luxe blended with the cult of futuristics to celebrate the laid back luxury of the young wild and free generation. The concept of ‘Simply Exquisite’ of the brand is simple with detail. Focusing on the fashion-forward active yet elegance all at once, the piece from Coralist Swimwear is bespoked in aligned with coastal lifestyle of tanning at the beach, cruising in the sun as well as practical swim.

Working with fine and exquisite fabric has given Coralist Swimwear capability to proceed firmly forward. With conceptual ideas to every pieces such that it diminishes the insecurity and truly complementing the consumer figures. Coralister individuality is modernized active and confidence. She is sophisticated and fill with the soul of style. With strong self-esteem, she believes that the balance of living is essential. In accordance to fashion trend, she adapts to express sense of self. And Yet the future is exciting. Launching the Spring/Summer 2016 ‘Scuba Diva’, Coralist swimwear gearing up to welcome the season with the salty hair in the ocean air of divaish style. So lets the summer begin.

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