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Summer Whisperer

Lost memories and untold stories. Coralist summer whisperer SS2021 whispers the new beginning to start fresh and active. Inspired by the element of nature especially the way the sun magnifies colours, fabric and texture and also how the wind makes seaside daisy move. Seaside daisies, the flowers that come alive in movement and light mimicking the feeling of woman who always looks to the light down to the sand toward the ocean. We’re motivated to empower and inspire woman to be the best version of themselves.

This collection we stay modern, fresh, slightly romantic yet approachable. From the variety of silhouette and fabric uses in the collection to fashionable prints and detail, we depict the active women with a touch of sophistication.

Pair our collection to your everyday looks.

Coming toward the end of the day, breezy summer staple with warmer, sunnier on their way. We’re imagining the ourselves strolling through the seaside daisies at dawn with the wind in our hair, hand toward the sky. The wave lingers to the shores, The romantic light with your loved one.

And we whisper, roll on this summer


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